"That’s definitely not a jellyfish, right? They told me there were no jellyfish in this pool." — @L2012PoolCam



"This #Judo shot needs no words. The best kind of picture." — @L2012MatCam



"Whoooah, fellas, take it easy." — @l2012bballcam



"This must be one of the butterflies they keep talking about here at the #AquaticsCentre." — @L2012PoolCam



"Think you can take on the king of hang time, do ya, @AntDavis23?" — @l2012bballcam



"Aw shucks, she can’t take her eyes off me. I’m blushing. @Japan_Olympic" — @L2012TableCam



"Admiring the watery look from the bottom of the #Swimming pool." — @L2012PoolCam



"Is everything ok down there?" — @L2012MatCam



"Which way are you going? #TableTennis is tricky." — @L2012TableCam



"Oh yes, it is a long way down to the #Judo mat." — @L2012TableCam


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