10. Where all started

Cr7 was Born in Funchal City,Portugal in 5 February 1985 . His father named him after the ex President Ronald Reagan(USA). — Messi was Born in Rosario City Argentina in 24 June 1987 ,his parents names are Jorge Horacio Messi and Celia Cuccittini.


9. Obstacles


Cr7:Heart Surgery.When Ronaldo was 15 years he did an intervention to fix an irregular heartbeat,the surgery saved his career.— Messi:In his childhood Messi got bitten almost 2000 times.He did a lot hormonal treatments to help him grow,Barcelona paid for it.


8. Total Goals In Career (Until 22/04/2014)


Cr7: Sporting – Apps: 31 Goals: 5 ; Manchester United – Apps: 292 Goals: 118 ; Real Madrid – Apps: 240 Goals: 246 ; Portugal – Apps: 110 Goals: 49 ; Total – Apps: 673 Goals: 418 — Messi: Barcelona C – Apps: 10 Goals: 5 ; Barcelona B – Apps:22 Goals:6 ; Barcelona – Apps: 421 Goals:352 ; Total – Apps: 453 Goals: 363


7. Biggest Victims



Cr7: 15 Goals against Sevilla ; 13 Goals against Getafe ; 13 Goals against Malaga — Messi: 20 Goals against Atletico de Madrid ; 19 Goals against Osasuna ; 18 Goals against Sevilla



6. Biggest Conquers


Cr7: Portugal greatest striker all time, 2 Times winner of Golden Ball, Striker with Most Goals (60) in a season with Real Madrid, Scored in 6 following Super Clasico (Real X Barca). — Messi: 4 Times winner of Golden Ball, Barcelona greatest striker all time, Striker with more goals in one Champions League game, Most Goals (63) in a season.



5. Speed


In this area both players seems to be very similar,the only visible difference is that Ronaldo seems faster in longer spaces while Messi is faster in short spaces.


4. Passing

Two players with excellent vision of the game,always well placed. Messi is a little bit better with passing and tactical game,he prefer to keep the game in a shorter space.Ronaldo prefer more speed and explosion and less passing .



3. Heading


Ronaldo have amazing skills when it comes to jump,stay in the air and always anticipating his opponents.Messi its not that fair when his height its not an issue,he will hit the ball with precision.



2. Shooting


CR7 can handle both legs equally, making his shoot very difficult for goalkeepers to predict. He also have a lot of power and precision in his kick, allowing him to score from long distance and difficult places. Messi on the other hand is more likely to strike with his left leg,Messi impress with his ability to find spaces where there are none.


1. Free Kicks and Penalties


We can say that Ronaldo Free Kicks is one of his main virtues along with shots from long distance. In Penalties, he is almost infallible and have more than 90% of hits. In the other hand after many years of improvement Messi became a free kick specialist. In Penalties he is decisive but less than Ronaldo.






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